Travel is an elixir in my life.

Travel brushes away the cobwebs, opens my mind and makes me really happy.

I love going places I’ve never been.  Sometimes that means a good wallow in the lap of luxury. Perhaps a bustling city filled with cultural and culinary opportunity. Other times  I hear the rustic call of the wilderness. Give me a clear clean river or high mountain lake and I’ll dive right in. Good food and wine? Always.

Unlock Your Inner Wanderlust!

I’m part of the over 60 crowd. Many of my contemporaries are soothing wanderlust with fully arranged guided trips. I’ve tried this method and found I prefer making my own plans with my favorite travel partner-husband Conde’.

Worlds open by pouring over travel books, internet sites and maps. I enjoy contemplating where to go, how to get there, and discovering unique places to stay.  I learn about geography, history and the culture in different places. Planning leads to discovery.


We always leave gaps in our agenda, inviting unknown adventure. When things go astray, and they always do, its time to problem solve. I’ve learned to laugh in the face of adversity and embrace the adventure of the unexpected.


I’m Trish.  My home base is Portland Oregon with husband Conde’ and the Cutest Dog on Earth, Ari. (You be the judge.) I’m writing this blog to share my experiences with others who are aging with wanderlust in their hearts. I hope you will join me in my adventures, both big and small.

Can you find Ari?

To all you Geezers on the Go, Keep on Keeping On!



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