Murals of Portland Oregon

Public art rocks!

It can bring a flash of wonderment into an otherwise mundane day. Portland sports innumerable outdoor wall murals created by artists with something to share. Some of their messages are overt, others more obscure. Color, shape and creative design are a unifying theme in Portland’s murals.

 I took advantage of beautiful fall weather, roaming the streets of my home town, camera in hand, searching for murals to share. I peeked around corners, across parking lots and into alleyways looking up, down and all around. My treasure hunt was rewarded.

P1100952P1110065P1100851P1100868P1100930P1110059P1110015P1100956P1110057P1110072P1110005P1100971P1110024P1110052P1100937P1110003P1100925P1100875P1100996P1100892P1110011P1100854P1110046P1110036P1100946P1110058P1110009P1100896P1110021P1100993P1110051P1100936P1100869P1110044P1110084P1100968P1110064P1110048P1110019P1100867P1100945P1100962P1100866P1100864P1110086P1110077P1110039P1110066P1100922P1100881P1100858 2P1110081

This is just a small sampling of outdoor wall murals around Portland.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these depictions as much as I enjoyed creating this blog.

Although I didn’t use it, I found there is a map of murals around Portland.

I would love to see your photos of murals from your neighborhood or from travels around the world!

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For All You Geezers On The Go, Keep On Keeping On!

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