Aloha Kauai

Willie Nelson’s tune, On the Road Again was my ear worm de jour as we arrived at the Portland airport for an early morning direct flight to Kauai. Aloha to seven days of ocean front bliss.

I printed my boarding pass. What? No pre-check? The gate agent couldn’t figure it out. So I joined the mooing herd in a 30-minute security check wait line. Conde breezed past me in pre-check (I swear he was laughing).

I thought taking off my shoes was the worst of it. But no. Next was the stick-em-up x-ray. Then a very, very, young TSA prison guard stopped me. She pointed to some supposed anomaly on the screen. It was where my metal pants button connected at the waist. (Covid era body fat?). She needed to hand search me. I was read my rights and positioned spread eagle. A full body search. Whoa Matilda! Do you really need to grab down there?

I’ve since learned that drug cartels are actively recruiting women with my profile. “Want to be a drug mule? Sick of living on social security? Medicare getting you down? Easy extra money for full bodied anglo women, 65 years and over. Call El Chapo.” (source: The Internet)

We visited Kauai’i several years ago and rented a car, exploring the whole island. It’s beautiful. While walking on the beach near Hanalei, Conde declared, “I want to stay there” pointing at an established quiet 1970s two-story condo resort. He kept that memory and picked Hanalei Colony Resort as the perfect destination for our first real trip since Covid. Our ocean front condo opens on three sides.The sounds are constant, palm trees rustling, roaring ocean, breezes galore. Periodic waves of rain. Perfect small kitchen. Comfy king bed. No A/C or TV. Open windows usher in an abundance of thick salty air and restorative negative ions. Paradise found.

The town of Hanalei. Lot’s of holiday decorations

The small town of Hanalei is on the north shore of Kauai’i. It’s a 15 minute drive from our condo to town along scenic winding roads There are ocean views and one way bridges over clean rivers lined with lush flora. The resort shuttle takes us anywhere we want to go. The driver, Tyler, is our new best friend. He is a hoot! In town there are lots of fun shops, restaurants and food trucks. The views are stellar. Kayak and stand up paddle board rentals are available for exploring the river. Definitely a local chill vibe. Surf boards everywhere.

Dolphin Fish Market (and restaurant)

Our absolute favorite place in Hanalei is the Dolphin Fish Market. My mouth waters just writing those words. Poke to die for. Giant sushi rolls filled with the catch of the day. Local fish sold by the pound. No prepared frozen Sysco’s found here.

Dinners from our small condo kitchen include the fresh catch with a salad of produce from the local farmer’s market. I LOVE this place.

Beach Views

The beach cries out for long walks. Everywhere you look, the views change. All equally beautiful. I could put in 100 more shots, but you “get the picture.”

So great to be back in travel mode. Just safer. Masks, vaccinations and plenty of hand sanitizers.

For All You Geezers on the Go, Keep on Keeping on!

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  1. Chandra Schoonover Hayes Avatar
    Chandra Schoonover Hayes

    So happy to hear you enjoyed your trip so much, Trish! Sounds like a great spot to spend a week, & no car is the ticket in Hawaii now.

    Loved your description of the search – & who knew women like us were being recruited as drug mules??? Yikes.

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